How to Wash Car at Home

How to wash the car at home

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Every car owner in the world has a fascination with washing and cleaning the car by themselves. But, in this D&A age, we are bombarded with many innovative methods for car washing. Car wash stations, PPF coating, Ceramic Coating, deep cleaning services to name a few. But with these methods, either you get your vehicle in supreme condition or not so satisfactory condition. Some are more expensive than ever. Some are not so good at cleaning. They usually work on the floppy sponges and one soap-fits-all approach. Even DIY Washing and cleaning bays will cause more damage. There, you will not get clean brushes and cloth to wipe and wash.

It is better to pull out our water hose and fill our buckets. This allows us to give time and care to our prized possession. It also allows us to focus on the dirtiest parts of the vehicle.

Taking this DIY approach allows you to clean your car safely without damaging the paint. Considering the Covid-19 scare, this seems to be the best option available to us.

Things Required For Cleaning-

To keep your car looking at its best, you also need the right set of cleaning tools. Before starting to clean the car, we need to make a few arrangements. For wet cleaning for exteriors, we need – Soap water. Water bucket, two Sponge/Cleaning cloth, and wheel brush. We will have 2 cloths as one for wet and the other for dry cleaning. Also for interior cleaning, we need to have a glass cleaner solution, soft cloth.

After cleaning comes to the disinfection process. It requires any disinfectant spray and a clean cloth.

With all these ready for use, we can start our cleaning and disinfection process.

Let’s Begin –


  1. Prepare the vehicle for the cleaning process. Put the car in a shady place. By doing so, we can ensure not getting unwanted dirt, the water of any sort.
  2. Set up the cleaning materials so that we can have everything in place ready to use.
  3. Thirdly, Rinse the car with water. It can be done by the mug or a hose of water. Keep in mind to rinse the vehicle from the top to the bottom. we cannot control the flow of water, it is better to work with gravity. Rinsing the car will help us to loosen/remove the dirt and softening the unwanted debris.
  4. Fourthly, Now we need to scrub the wheels with the wheel brush which helps us to get rid of brake dust and dust on wheel walls.
  5. Fifthly, take the floor mats out and rinse them as well.


Horizontal view of a professional car cleaning

After rinsing, it is easy to get rid of the remaining dirt and muck. This is the time were soap plays its role.

  1. It is important to work on the car by dividing it into sections. It helps you to clean the car in a phased manner. Keep in mind to start from the top and go to the bottom.
  2. Soaking the cloth every time we clean the car. It is done just to keep the dirt off from cloth which can harm the paint of the car.
  3. Work slowly, allow the soap water to do its job of getting the dirt with it. Usually, very little force is required to apply the soap water to the car.
  4. You may need to clean deeply in some areas of the car which is having lots of dirt and muck stick to it.
  5. Please take note that we need to do this process at a specific time not allowing the soap water to dry up.
  6. Dip the foam or the cloth in soap water and rub the floor mats generously.


Rinse the car after applying the soap water and cleaning the car with it. Now we need to wash the car with water all at once. This helps in removing the soap water. soap water has attracted all the dirt and with the water, it gets removed.


Drying the car is the most important part of cleaning the car. It is so because you don’t want to get water and dirt marks on the vehicle. Only drying with air is not advisable. remove excess soap water with a clean dry cloth.

  1. Use the same section-wise cleaning as done before.
  2. Remove excess water from cracks and gaps between body panels
  3. Make sure that we should run the cloth twice on all the sections of the car.
  4. Clean the glass with a glass cleaner.
  5. Be careful while cleaning the lights as it should be cleaned thoroughly.
  6. Dry the floor mats by keeping it in an open space. We can also wipe dry cloth to dry it up.


After all, we all have to sit in the car and you do not want the interiors to be dirty. It should be dirtless and also have a good odor.

We will divide the interior into three parts – Seating area, Dashboard, and boot space.

  1. Clean the seats with a damp cloth. Apply any disinfectant on the seats and leave it for some time.
  2. Apply the disinfectant on the seat belts. Dip the clean cloth with disinfectant and apply gently on belts.
  3. For the Dashboard, we need to clean it with a specific gel/wax developed for Dashboard. It keeps the shine and dark shade of dashboard plastic/ material as before.
  4. Clean the side panels for the dashboard. It attracts a lot of dust and debris over time.
  5. Open the boot and take out the mat. It will expose the tools area as well as the spare wheel.
  6. Damp the cloth with soap water & rub it on tools as well as on the spare wheel.
  7. Make sure to rub in the inner spaces to get cleaned thoroughly.

Now that your car is sparkling clean, you would want to keep it that way for a long time. There are a few points which we need to keep in mind. firstly, do park your car in an open area. Refrain from parking under any tree or shaded area. Secondly, try to steer clear of the newly build gravel road.