How To Setup Google Analytics 4

In October of 2020, Google has officially announced the arrival of the latest iteration for Google Analytics which is Google Analytics 4. Google with the GA 4 taken the new path towards a better analytics experience than the traditional Google analytics which is also known as Universal Google Analytics. As the demand is soring high for a better privacy and the insights needed for better results, Google introduced a machine learning. It built into it which promises to deliver better user insights and a better overall privacy handling.

Let’s Start

But first, we need to know is it required to upgrade now or when will be the good time to upgrade your Universal GA to GA4. As there is no confirmed announcement regarding the end of Universal GA by Google. They just have stopped investing the time and money on improving the Universal GA. we can say that Google wants the user to get the leverage of both the platforms. This is great move by Google in order to have a seamless transition altogether.

Cut the story short, the baseline is that we need to upgrade to New GA4 in coming time but not Immediately.

What needs to be taken care of is to upgrade the GA dashboard to new version. Also need to do it  without disrupting the already existing Universal GA as much as possible. In order to have a perfect and a smooth transition from older version to new one needs time. Time is one thing we need not have to worry about.

However, in this blog we will see how to upgrade our Universal GA to GA4. It also gets a flavour of how to use the Universal GA simultaneously with the recently introduced GA4.


Let’s begin and see how to upgrade to GA4 in your Google Analytics Account.

Follow the points to upgrade/create GA4 –

  1. Login to your Google Analytics Account.
  2. At your bottom left-hand side, Click ADMIN
  3. As we go in admin, we can see three columns namely – Account, Property and View.
  4. Select your preferred Account and go to property
  5. Under property, we can see there is an option for UPGRADE TO GA4.
  6. NOTE- Clicking the option – “UPGRADE TO GA4“will let you upgrade the property to new google analytics version.

Things to NOTE

Here, I would like to direct your attention to an important Point, by upgrading the property to GA4 will takeaway your Universal Google Analytics dashboard.  Hence, I suggest you to create new property altogether. It lets you to have both the older property with Universal Google Analytics and new property with Google Analytics 4.

One thing to Note here that any property which you will create will be default as Google Analytics 4 property. Google has restricted the option for creating the property with Universal Google Analytics.

Here we are, created the new property with GA4. Also, keeping alive the older Google Analytics (Universal) in the older /default property of the Account. The benefit you will get is you can use both the versions simultaneously. In Universal GA you can follow the conventional tracking and all the options you are using and has a better understanding on it. whereas in the new property with GA 4 you can make use of features to learn more. After all it is also to make a comfortable and effortless transition to newer GA dashboard.