How to do a Backflip

Backflip is an Acrobatic Movement. In Backflip a person jumps in the air then rotates his body in the backward direction while airborne and then lands back on feet. It is used in Free Running, Gymnastics, Dance, Celebrations, etc.

Learning backflip is easy. Backflip is a 3 step process.

1 Jumping in air

2 Rotating body while airborne

3 Landing back on the ground

 To do a perfect backflip you need to master all 3 processes individually.

Before doing backflip warm-up and stretch your body to avoid muscle injuries

Stretching exercises –

1 Arm Stretching – Stand straight, raise your arms in the upward direction and keep raising it (avoid lifting your heels)

2 Shoulder Stretching – Move your right arm in the left direction with the help of the left arm above the head and Move your left arm in the right direction with the help of the right arm above the head.

3 Thigh stretching – Stand straight, bend down halfway, keep your knees behind your toes, while bending down move your hands in the forward direction.

Jump – Now your body is warmed up and stretched. Let’s begin with the First Step of Backflip, “Jump”

How to do Jump

1 – Stand straight with feets shoulder-width apart

2 – Bend downwards like in the squat 

3 – While bending down, swing your both arms in the backward direction to shoulder height.

4 – Swing back your both arms towards the upward direction and Jump from the bend position for maximum height.

5 – Repeat the same process of jumping 100 times.

Rotating – After getting better at Jumping, let’s move forward to the Rotating part. This is the most important process of the backflip.

How to do Rotation

1 – Lie down straight on your back

2 – Bend your knees together towards your chest with some speed and force, so that your hips get lifted up. Making your body rotate a little.

3 – While bending your knees grab your knees with your hands while in motion.

4 – Start with quarter rotations and scale-up till full rotation with the repetitions. 50 quarter rotations, 50 Half rotations, 50 full rotations.

5 – Practice this rotation 100 times.

5 – This motion helps you in rotating your body while airborne.

Landing – Now you are good at jumping and rotating your body on the ground. Landing is the combination of both Jump and Rotation. Let’s move forward to the last part. Before doing the landing part. Call someone for support.

How to do Landing

1 – Ask your supporter to support you from your waist.

2 – Jump in the upward direction by swinging your arms in the upwards direction.

3 – Swing your arms towards the back, which will make your body tilt in the backward direction.

4 – While your body is tilting bend your knees as you practiced with a force and hold them with your hands.

5 – As your body rotates, leave your knees and unfold them slowly (don’t unfold fully) 

Happy BackFlipping…

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