How to Wash Hands Properly

Wash your hand after using the Toilet

There might be numerous elements that make the toilet open adversary number one for microscopic organisms filled restroom, however, another investigation found that the porcelain surface of toilet bowls is likely holding microbes/infections and just delivering them during flushes. One simple fix? Close the cover when you flush. A similar report found that when the cover was left open, microorganisms were delivered into the air and had the option to go up to six feet, arriving on encompassing surfaces.

Even though you live alone at home and no one else is using your washroom, still there will be germs on the surface, on the lid, and especially when you flush out the pot. which can become a reason of getting ill. The chances of bacteria get an increase when you are not the only one who is using the washroom, either it is a public toilet or common toilet in a home shared by all the family members. The common mistake that everyone do is using the lid without covering the pot. In this situation washing hand with any form of soap becomes critical.

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