How to Wash Hands Properly

The most widely recognized way germs are spread is by individuals’ hands.

Germs are regularly innocuous yet they can likewise cause ailments, for example, colds and stomach bugs, just as more genuine diseases for example, E.coli and influenza.

Hand washing is the absolute generally significant thing you can do to assist with diminishing the spread of diseases.

Washing your hands appropriately with cleanser and warm water can help ensure you, your family and others to stay away from germs.

In what all situations we should wash our hands.

Wash Hands Before Having Food

One should make “hand wash” as part of regular routine activity especially before eating anything.

Either you have your meal with hands or with the help of spoon. Either you are having your meal at home or you are in a restaurant or you are having street food. Most of the germs enter in our body when we eat something, Not all germs are harmful but germs can make one ill. To avoid getting sick one should take care of basic things and should always wash there hands before eating anything.

In case you get an urgent call on the phone which you can not avoid and you are answering the call while having your meal, do wash hand again before starting your meal again. It hardly takes 2 minutes of time to wash hands.

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