How to Detox/Purify the Air at Home

The best way to purify the air is to do “Havan” at home. Havan can be done in the havan kundh which are easily available in the market. You can also get havan samagri from any grocery store in the market or you can buy it online as well. Even if you do not want to buy havan samagri from the market, you can use things which are available at home like carom seeds ( ajwain ) which also act as an air purifier. To use carom seeds to purify the air, you simply need to fire coal and once the coals turn red put carom seeds on them, this will burn carom seeds slowly and will spread the smoke along with the fragrance of ajwain in the air. In case you do not find coal in the market or you find it difficult to do on a regular basis, you can use stainless steel strainer. Put some carom seeds in a strainer and with the help of gas stove burn carom seeds. After bringing the seeds to circulate the strainer in your living area and other places at home. This will detox the air and will help you in killing the bacteria surround at your place.

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