How to do Power Yoga

Downward Dog

2 – Downward dog to half plank variation – This is a core exercise that will strengthen your core. It will work on your abdominal muscles.

How to do Downward dog to half plank variation

1 – Stand straight with the feets shoulder-width apart.

2 – Now bend your upper body towards your feet & try to keep your legs straight.

3 – With the arms stretched and straight touch the floor, making a V shape. Keep your ankles in contact with the ground.

4 – Lift one leg and raise it till your capacity. Try to stretch it more.

5 – Swing back your leg and try to touch your chest with your knee. While doing this, move your body in the plank position.

6 – Again go back to V shape and repeat the process of lift and swinging back with your other leg.

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