How to do Power Yoga


Power Yoga Poses – 

Here are some easy & fantastic power yoga poses for your weight loss journey.

1 – Basic Squats – The Utkatasana or simple squats help you tone your thigh muscles. Just squatting down halfway and getting up is what this exercise is all about. It is important to follow and maintain the technique of inhaling and exhaling while going down and coming up.

This is also known as Utkatasana, and it is for your thigh muscles. It is easy to do, as you have to squat down half and getting up. While doing squats you need to match your breathing with the exercise. Inhale while going down and exhale while going up.

How to do Squats

  1. Stand with your feet parallel.
  2. EXHALE PROCESS: Bend your knees Slowly keeping your thighs together, and lower your hips toward heels and keep your arms extended towards the floor.
  3. INHALE PROCESS: Now Raise your arms forward and keeping raising towards the ceiling. Keep your gaze forward and neck Straight.
  4. Keep your weight equally on both feet, with a strong awareness in the heels.
  5. Draw your belly-button in towards the spine.
  6. Imagine your lower back as a downhill slope.
  7. Move the muscles that move the bones.
  8. Lengthen from tailbone to the top of the head, drawing shoulders drawn down the back to the elongate neck.
  9. Draw shoulder blades down the back and in towards the spine as the arms extend and palms turn in towards each other.
  10. Sit with it.
  11. Keep those thighbones parallel and those legs engaged the whole time.
  12. Focus on stability and grounding, and for goodness sake just don’t rush through this.

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