How to do Home Sanitation

Doctors around the world explains “only washing the home by ands and cleaning is not enough to prevent human body to transmit the harmful viruses. Sanitization is also very important in maintaining basic habit for hygiene purpose. There are few points explained by Doctors which we can take before sanitizing the home –

  1. Taking off the shoes outside the home and keep it in a manner where no one gets touched by it, especially if we have children or elderly at home.
  2. Wipe / spray every item with soap water or sanitizer. It can be anything from food product packaging to vegetables.
  3. Clean the surfaces 5 times a day which are being touched by family members regularly.
  4. Use the sanitizer/ alcohol-based product for cleaning which is having 70% or more alcohol content.
  5. If the surface is very dirty, make sure to clean with detergent or cleaning mix then sanitize it.
  6. Wear disposable gloves while cleaning the home or washing utensils or clothes, If you cant wear the gloves then make sure to wash your hands after you done washing.
  7. Separate the clothes you’ve worn while you go out of the house from the clothes you generally wear at home. The best solution to this is to wash the clothes every time you come back to home.
  8. If you cannot buy any disinfectant from the market then you can make it by yourself at home by mixing 5 tablespoons of household Bleach in 1 Liter of water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and start using it as a disinfectant.

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