How to do the Splits

After doing the warm-up and stretching exercise now your body is in a position to do the practice of half split. Note* do not push your mussels hard, it can result in swear pain. practice daily and take one step ahead everyday. Do not forget to warm-up and to do stretching exercise before practicing half split. the more you will give time on stretching the more you will come closer to achieve your goal.

To began with you can take the help of wall, Sit in a position with your your back against the wall and the middle as prolonged as could reasonably be expected, guaranteeing there’s no turn in your pelvis or hips.

Check to ensure your lower and mid-back are likewise level against the divider.

Gradually open your legs as wide as could be expected under the circumstances while utilizing your hands to keep up help legitimately before you. Hold the position for 30 sec.