How to Detox/Purify the Air at Home

Why Purify Air

Disease-related to Skin, heart and lungs are increasing day by day. One of the main reason behind this is polluted air. pollution of air is increasing constantly. Surprisingly people are so busy in life that they don’t even realise that without oxygen we human beings can not survive and we are not taking charge to spread awareness to the people to take care of nature and to take the responsibility towards improving the air quality. There are various natural ways which help in detoxing the air.

The air inside the house is really 2 to multiple times more contaminated and harmful than the air you inhale outside? It’s shocking, truly. We go for standard well-being registration, pop pills every day, worry over hypersensitivities, yet disregard the most essential thing there is – the nature of the air we inhale all day, every day.

Natural ways to purify Air

Increase cross ventilation at home.

Ventilating homes diminishes dampness levels, a significant issue for indoor air quality. Be that as it may, no, we’re not requesting that you open a window and let all the outside air contamination enter your living space. Rather, introduce stream vents to sanitize and cycle the air you inhale inside. Another extraordinary option is to utilize exhaust fans which help convey poisons outside. Make it a highlight ventilate your kitchen since cooking can be a significant wellspring of indoor air contamination, particularly on the off chance that you have a gas oven. Researchers who estimated indoor air quality found that preparing a solitary dinner on a gas oven can create levels of nitrogen dioxide that the EPA thinks about perilous to relax. Likewise, after you scrub down, make certain to vent out all the steam and additional dampness noticeable all around which can cause shape and buildup development by turning the fan on.

Beeswax candles go about as characteristic air purifiers. In the event that you love to fill your home with scented candles, stay away from paraffin candles which are oil inferred and discharge benzene, toluene and sediment into the air. Since these candles accomplish more mischief than anything, settle on beeswax candles which ionize the air and kill poisonous mixes and different contaminants. Other than improving the air quality at home, beeswax candles consume gradually so you don’t have to supplant them regularly. Truth be told, unadulterated beeswax candles ignite with basically no smoke or fragrance. They are particularly useful for asthmatics and to expel regular allergens like residue from the air

salt light

A salt light is another incredible common air purifier. “Salt precious stone items will, in general, lessen airborne aggravations, microorganisms and allergens by pulling water fume out of the air. Himalayan pink salt is a characteristic ionic air purifier that pulls poisons from nature and kills them”. Essentially including a Himalayan pink salt light in your room or close to your work area at the workplace works, as far as usefulness and stylistic layout. You can leave it on around evening time also since the common orange sparkle doesn’t upset rest hormones. Note to recall: Salt lights improve air refinement considerably more when they are turned on, yet shockingly work when killed as well.

Air purifying plants

Plants play a vital role in purifying air, plants not only give us oxygen they also help us in purifying the air surrounded around us.
Also to going outside to get characteristic air and mitigate pressure, utilizing houseplants consolidates those properties inside your home. Houseplants include numerous utilization inside a home yet the most significant is the capacity for them to help normally channel the air. Spot houseplants in various zones of the home to get the greatest advantage of their air quality refinement capacities. Some famous houseplants that filter the air incorporate sobbing fig, Rubber plants, Peace Lily and snake plant.

The best way to purify the air is to do “Havan” at home. Havan can be done in the havan kundh which are easily available in the market. You can also get havan samagri from any grocery store in the market or you can buy it online as well. Even if you do not want to buy havan samagri from the market, you can use things which are available at home like carom seeds ( ajwain ) which also act as an air purifier. To use carom seeds to purify the air, you simply need to fire coal and once the coals turn red put carom seeds on them, this will burn carom seeds slowly and will spread the smoke along with the fragrance of ajwain in the air. In case you do not find coal in the market or you find it difficult to do on a regular basis, you can use stainless steel strainer. Put some carom seeds in a strainer and with the help of gas stove burn carom seeds. After bringing the seeds to circulate the strainer in your living area and other places at home. This will detox the air and will help you in killing the bacteria surround at your place.

How to do Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a form of Yoga, a rigorous form. Yoga is known for getting fit internally and rejuvenating the mind and body. And  Power Yoga makes you fit and helps you lose weight.

Power Yoga consists of some cardiovascular activities that help you in weight loss. Why Yoga? one could ask. Yoga definitely makes you healthy and fit, along with that it connects your mind, body, and spirit for better well being. 

In the physical sense, Power yoga helps you strengthen your gluteal muscles and tone the entire body.


Power Yoga Poses – 

Here are some easy & fantastic power yoga poses for your weight loss journey.

1 – Basic Squats – The Utkatasana or simple squats help you tone your thigh muscles. Just squatting down halfway and getting up is what this exercise is all about. It is important to follow and maintain the technique of inhaling and exhaling while going down and coming up.

This is also known as Utkatasana, and it is for your thigh muscles. It is easy to do, as you have to squat down half and getting up. While doing squats you need to match your breathing with the exercise. Inhale while going down and exhale while going up.

How to do Squats

  1. Stand with your feet parallel.
  2. EXHALE PROCESS: Bend your knees Slowly keeping your thighs together, and lower your hips toward heels and keep your arms extended towards the floor.
  3. INHALE PROCESS: Now Raise your arms forward and keeping raising towards the ceiling. Keep your gaze forward and neck Straight.
  4. Keep your weight equally on both feet, with a strong awareness in the heels.
  5. Draw your belly-button in towards the spine.
  6. Imagine your lower back as a downhill slope.
  7. Move the muscles that move the bones.
  8. Lengthen from tailbone to the top of the head, drawing shoulders drawn down the back to the elongate neck.
  9. Draw shoulder blades down the back and in towards the spine as the arms extend and palms turn in towards each other.
  10. Sit with it.
  11. Keep those thighbones parallel and those legs engaged the whole time.
  12. Focus on stability and grounding, and for goodness sake just don’t rush through this.
Downward Dog

2 – Downward dog to half plank variation – This is a core exercise that will strengthen your core. It will work on your abdominal muscles.

How to do Downward dog to half plank variation

1 – Stand straight with the feets shoulder-width apart.

2 – Now bend your upper body towards your feet & try to keep your legs straight.

3 – With the arms stretched and straight touch the floor, making a V shape. Keep your ankles in contact with the ground.

4 – Lift one leg and raise it till your capacity. Try to stretch it more.

5 – Swing back your leg and try to touch your chest with your knee. While doing this, move your body in the plank position.

6 – Again go back to V shape and repeat the process of lift and swinging back with your other leg.

Small Dog

3 – Downward Dog to Small Dog – This is the little variation of the previous one. This exercise works on your leg and abdominal muscles.

How to do Downward Dog to Small Dog

1 – Make a V – shape or Dog Position as explained in the previous exercise. By touching your hands and feet on the floor.

2 – Now bend your knees towards your head, by lifting your ankle.

3 – Return back in the Dog Position.

4 – This will work on your abdominal and thigh muscles simultaneously.


4 – Small Dog to Plank – This is the variation of the previous exercise and it focuses on your core and shoulders together.

How to do Small Dog to Plank

1 – Make the V shape or Dog position, by touching your hands and feet on the floor.

2 – Bend your knees towards your head by lifting your ankle.

3 – From this position move into the plank position and return back to the small dog position.

4 – Repeat the same process for 10-15 times.

Leg raise

5 – Standing to Leg Raise – it is a great exercise for weight loss and body toning especially the midsection. This exercise works on your knees, thighs, and engages the entire lower body. 

How to do Standing to Leg Raise

1 – Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.

2 – Raise your arms towards the ceiling.

3 – Bend your upper body along with arms. Keep your knees straight.

4 – Touch on the floor with your hands. Try to touch as near as possible to the toes.

5 – Now lift your one leg till your capacity.

6 – Repeat the it with the other leg.

Abdominal Churning

6 – Abdominal Churning – This is the best exercise to burn fat around the hips and belly. Inhale and Exhale is very important in this exercise. This exercise strengthens and tones the lower body. 

How to do Abdominal Churning

1 – You Lie down on your back, legs straight, hands straight along with your body

2 – Lift your both legs together and keep them straight

3 – Now move your both legs making O in air from your feets in Clockwise and Anti clockwise direction.

7 – Markat Asana – This Asana works on your lower back and thigh muscles. It also stretches the muscles of your lower body.

How to do Markat Asana

  1. Begin lying comfortably on the back. Bend your knees into your chest and extend your arms out alongside the body in a “T” formation, with your palms facing up toward the ceiling.
  2. Inhale here, lengthening your tailbone down toward the ground. As you exhale, drop both of your bent knees over to the right, and send your gaze over to the left.
  3. Keep your knees and feet close together, and press the backs of your shoulder blades down toward the mat.
  4. Remain in the twist for 5-10 breaths, then inhale to come back up to center. On your next exhale, drop your knees to the left, and send your gaze to the right.
  5. Inhale to come back up to center. Wrap your arms around your legs and gently rock from side to side to release the low back, then extend both legs straight down onto the mat.

Benefits of Power Yoga – Power yoga has become popular around the world and gives you a complete body workout which includes flexibility, toning, and making different muscles group and the entire body strong.

Let us look at just some of the many benefits of Power Yoga listed below:

  1. Burns calories
  2. Increases stamina
  3. Increases metabolism
  4. Stress relief
  5. Increases flexibility

How to do Home Sanitation

Today, as we all know about the situation around the world, one can just think of keeping themselves safe from outside world as much as possible. For safety and other hygiene reasons people use masks and sanitizers as a primary product for keeping themselves safe from the virus. Government and other medical institutions are advising us to stay at homes only but have you ever thought that is your home also is virus/ bacteria free? Maintaining personal hygiene is considered to be prime step against all the unwanted organisms as well as diseases around you. So, is it important to clean and sanitize your home as well? I bet you haven’t thought about it much but According to top Doctors and Health institutions keeping your home and surrounding clean is the most important aspect in hygiene.

Doctors around the world explains “only washing the home by ands and cleaning is not enough to prevent human body to transmit the harmful viruses. Sanitization is also very important in maintaining basic habit for hygiene purpose. There are few points explained by Doctors which we can take before sanitizing the home –

  1. Taking off the shoes outside the home and keep it in a manner where no one gets touched by it, especially if we have children or elderly at home.
  2. Wipe / spray every item with soap water or sanitizer. It can be anything from food product packaging to vegetables.
  3. Clean the surfaces 5 times a day which are being touched by family members regularly.
  4. Use the sanitizer/ alcohol-based product for cleaning which is having 70% or more alcohol content.
  5. If the surface is very dirty, make sure to clean with detergent or cleaning mix then sanitize it.
  6. Wear disposable gloves while cleaning the home or washing utensils or clothes, If you cant wear the gloves then make sure to wash your hands after you done washing.
  7. Separate the clothes you’ve worn while you go out of the house from the clothes you generally wear at home. The best solution to this is to wash the clothes every time you come back to home.
  8. If you cannot buy any disinfectant from the market then you can make it by yourself at home by mixing 5 tablespoons of household Bleach in 1 Liter of water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and start using it as a disinfectant.


Now that we know the basic things we need to do on daily basis, we move to the main part which is sanitizing the house thoroughly. We will move area wise which means there are different areas of the house which needs to be sanitized in a different way from one another. For example – kitchen will be a different case than a bathroom or the bedroom.

So, read on to learn about some common trouble spots around the house and solutions for keeping your living spaces safe and healthy.


Everyone in the home tends to gravitate towards the kitchen as it is the most visited place of the house for quenching the thirst or to have food. It is treated as part restaurant, part entertainment Centre and also a part family room. It is the favorite place for most of the insects and the microorganisms to feed and live. Practically every surface in Kitchen is acting as a magnet to all types of microorganisms. A study says that the viruses can stay on for hours or days in some cases on few of the common kitchen surfaces: Plastic – 3 days, cardboard – 1 Day, Steel – 2 days.

Some important tips to sanitize kitchen are as follows –

  1. Wash and sanitize your hands every time you go in or come out of kitchen.
  2. Regularly Wipe your kitchen surfaces and all the equipment (gas stove, microwave, Mixer Grinder, being used with soap water/disinfectant.
  3. Wash your utensils with soap water thoroughly.
  4. Sponge which is used to clean should be cleaned by dipping it in hot water and soap mixture for 10 minutes, then drying and putting it in microwave for 1 minute. Squeezing it well and then keep it to dry more.
  5. Sanitize your kitchen areas which are not accessible most of the time with mixture of chlorine and bleach powder or any disinfectants so that cockroaches and other insects will keep distance from kitchen. DO NOT USE BLEACH AND AMMONIA as it mixes to produce harmful chemical.


The bathroom so as to say is quite new to human beings as earlier people used outhouses or even fields to keep away the pathogens from human contact. Today as we have the luxury of using it in our homes, we also have to see the downside of dealing with the pathogens quite often. SO, we need to take a good care of the bathroom as well. Some places which we tend to ignore unknowingly are –

  • Toilet Handles – I am sure that we clean our toilets and seat regularly but we don’t keep an eye on toilet handles and washer. Keep the flush handle cleaned with a disinfectant that explicitly records battling microbes or infections on the name. Purifying with a 60 percent liquor arrangement can likewise help evacuate the infection particles of SARS-CoV-2.
  • Floor and Ceiling – Mold is the most common organism found in bathroom. Another danger is the trichophyton which is too harmful for humans. Some important things to keep in mind are to wipe the tub and shower walls with the towel or tissue papers and then disinfect with soap and hot water mixture by spraying ion it. Also, we need to empty the waste basket daily and wash our hands at last when we come out of bathroom.


You think that you are sleeping alone in the bed at night, but you are wrong. Dust Mites, Dust and pet dander are keeping you company all night long. The bugs adds poor air quality  and can irritate your nostrils too much making you allergic most of the times. Some common tips to clean bedroom are –

  1. Twice a week, wash all the bedding in hot water above 130 degrees to kill dust mites.
  2. Use zippered plastic mattress covers and pillow covers to avoid the contact.
  3. vacuum uncovered mattress daily.
  4. Wipe out the bedroom daily with floor cleaner and mixture of chlorine and hot water.

Then comes other parts of home which we need to take special care of such as

  • Door Knobs – which we need to disinfect with disinfectant spray/ or by wiping them regularly with it.

Carpets and Rugs -As carpets and rugs are made of cloth which are highly bound together, it tends to attract lots of dust and unwanted organisms. Firstly, we should spray some disinfectant which is primarily consisting of alcohol as it gets evaporated easily. And then We should shake out the carpets twice month and put it in sunlight.

  • Walls – Paints contain unpredictable natural mixes (VOCs), a tremendous wellspring of indoor air contamination. These synthetics, likewise found in upholstery, materials, and other structure materials, can cause various wellbeing related issues. Of basic concern are paints in more seasoned homes that may contain lead.

The assembling of toxic paint was restricted in 1978. In the event that your home was worked from that point forward, you’re most likely fine on this one. To lessen your introduction to these poisonous fumes, pick low-VOC paints, milk paints, or whitewashes.

In more seasoned homes, check for the nearness of lead by employing an authorized hazard assessor or by buying a lead home test unit at your nearby home improvement shop.

On the off chance that you find lead in your home, ask about lead expulsion items at the home improvement shop or recruit an accomplished expert to evacuate it.

Today, in the unfortunate times as we all are experiencing unprecedented situations, we should be knowing this by now that it is high time now and we need to and we should follow extreme hygiene steps in our daily lives in order to keep ourselves healthy and safe from unwanted diseases.

How to Wash Hands Properly

The most widely recognized way germs are spread is by individuals’ hands.

Germs are regularly innocuous yet they can likewise cause ailments, for example, colds and stomach bugs, just as more genuine diseases for example, E.coli and influenza.

Hand washing is the absolute generally significant thing you can do to assist with diminishing the spread of diseases.

Washing your hands appropriately with cleanser and warm water can help ensure you, your family and others to stay away from germs.

In what all situations we should wash our hands.

Wash Hands Before Having Food

One should make “hand wash” as part of regular routine activity especially before eating anything.

Either you have your meal with hands or with the help of spoon. Either you are having your meal at home or you are in a restaurant or you are having street food. Most of the germs enter in our body when we eat something, Not all germs are harmful but germs can make one ill. To avoid getting sick one should take care of basic things and should always wash there hands before eating anything.

In case you get an urgent call on the phone which you can not avoid and you are answering the call while having your meal, do wash hand again before starting your meal again. It hardly takes 2 minutes of time to wash hands.

Wash your hand after using the Toilet

There might be numerous elements that make the toilet open adversary number one for microscopic organisms filled restroom, however, another investigation found that the porcelain surface of toilet bowls is likely holding microbes/infections and just delivering them during flushes. One simple fix? Close the cover when you flush. A similar report found that when the cover was left open, microorganisms were delivered into the air and had the option to go up to six feet, arriving on encompassing surfaces.

Even though you live alone at home and no one else is using your washroom, still there will be germs on the surface, on the lid, and especially when you flush out the pot. which can become a reason of getting ill. The chances of bacteria get an increase when you are not the only one who is using the washroom, either it is a public toilet or common toilet in a home shared by all the family members. The common mistake that everyone do is using the lid without covering the pot. In this situation washing hand with any form of soap becomes critical.

Entering Home after Visiting anywhere

Sometimes we come to the home and right after entering the home we drink water or have something. After coming from outside either we visited out for purchasing grocery or for any other purpose, one should neither have anything nor should touch other stuff at home before washing hand. Whenever we visit somewhere, we do a lot of activities which needs the use of the hand, it can be either driving car or opening the door which results in bacteria/germs on hand. Do wash your hands for at least 15 seconds to make your hands germ free.

Other Situation

• After cleaning out your nose, hacking or on the other hand sniffling

• After contacting creatures or creature squander

• After taking care of refuse

• After changing a nappy

• Before and in the wake of contacting a debilitated or harmed individual

• Before and in the wake of visiting a medical clinic ward

Apart from the mentioned situations, there can be many more situations after which one should wash hands. The situation can be anything from sneezing to touching any surface.